BORPower® GBX-Gear Nano Boron internal coating for gearbox and differential: GBX-GEAR!
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■ About the product

For Manual Transmission Only

BORPower® GBX-Gear, the gear nano treatment, is recommended for application in the gear or transmission box of machines and mechanisms in the private, commercial or industrial sector.

BORPower® GBX-Gear is recommended for application in lubricant compositions used in turbines, reduction gears and gear-boxes, hydro systems, compressors and other machines and mechanisms, where friction and loadings play the decisive role in the process of their deterioration.

BORPower® GBX-Gear is first in the world, because it is not like many lubricant additives which trigger chemical reactions, but the effect is PURELY PHYSICAL.

BORPower® GBX-Gear contains active substances like MCDP (Mono Crystal Diamond Powder) and nano boron, which are pressed under high pressure into the rough metal surfaces and form a protective film with almost diamond-hard, smooth layers. Those nanoparticles that were not pressed, take a homogeneous heat distribution and a ball bearing function between the MCDP layers.

  1. Advantages
  2. - Facilitates gear changes
    - Longer service life of mechanical components
    - Extends maintenance intervals
    - Prevents overheating
    - Highly active anti-wear
    - Reduces friction & wear
    - Protects against rust & corrosion

    BORPower® GBX-Gear (250 ml) for transmission with an oil capacity of 5 liters. Do not forget to shake the bottle for at least 2 minutes and your vehicle before and after the fill at least 10 minutes to drive.

    for manual transmission
    for differential gear