BORPower® NanoFuel ForOne Gasoline System CleanerNanotechnological system cleaner!
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■ About the product

BORPower® NanoFuel ForOne is a nanotechnological fuel system cleaner that can be safely used in fuel tanks of all GASOLINE vehicles. BORPower® NanoFuel ForOne has a cleaning effect starting from the fuel tank up to the combustion chambers. Provides more driving enjoyment thanks to optimized power yield. The engine starts better and also runs quieter.

  1. Advantages
    1. - Higher octane
      - Higher power output
      - Better handling
      - Improves acceleration of the vehicle
      - Cleans the intake system
      - Proven catalyst
      - Ideal lubrication of the injectors
      - Prevents corrosion in the fuel system
      - Reduces emissions

      Shake the bottle for at least 1 minute (the distribution of the nanocrystals). Please fill one bottle (200 ml) of the System Cleaner per 50 liters of fuel in the fuel tank. Fill up your fuel tank always full when you use the product and place the product on a regular basis, so that you can reap the benefits permanently.