BORPower® NanoFlush Motor Interior CleanerNanotechnological motor interior cleaner!
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■ About the product

BORPower® NanoFlush is a nanotechnological motor interior cleaner that cleans all the oil circuits and ensures long cleanliness. The perfect solution to clean around the engine inside. It removes residues and carbon from piston rings and upper cylinder area. It neutralises harmful engine acids.

  1. Advantages
    1. - Cleans the whole oil circuit of the engine
      - Reduces friction & wear
      - Extends maintenance intervals
      - Protection against rust & corrosion
      - Prevents oil sludge
      - Longer service life of engine parts
      - Gentle and fast cleaning
      - Neutral materials located against seals in the engine and other
      - Exhaust emissions are optimized
      - Preventing lubricant starvation
      - High efficiency
      - No additional environmental impact
      - Easy to use

      Shake the bottle for at least 1 minute (the distribution of the nanocrystals). Add the product into the old oil and run at least 10 minutes at idle. Then change engine oil and oil filter. Can be used before each engine oil change.