BORPower® Marine Ultra Nano Boron internal coating for ship engines: MARINE ULTRA!
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■ About the product

BORPower® Marine Ultra is a nano coating specifically designed to be used in the marine industry. In high tonnage ships, tank ships, military ships, cargo steamers, bulk ships, touristic ships, coasters, passenger ships, speed boats and fishermen's boats, engines are one of the most important factors driving costs up and creating spare part and material problems in maintenance. BORPower® Marine Ultra provides big advantages, the first among them saving from fuel.

BORPower® Marine Ultra is first in the world, because it is not like many lubricant additives which trigger chemical reactions, but the effect is PURELY PHYSICAL.

BORPower® Marine Ultra contains active substances like MCDP (Mono Crystal Diamond Powder) and nano boron, which are pressed under high pressure into the rough metal surfaces and a protective film with almost diamond-hard form smooth layers. Those nanoparticles that were not pressed, take a homogeneous heat distribution and a ball bearing function between the MCDP layers.

  1. Advantages
    1. - Decreases exhaust emissions up to 15%
      - Higher fuel economy
      - Low friction and heating
      - noticeable reduces the maintenance costs related to the engine because boron coats the interior surface of engine
      - Increased performance
      - Longer service life of mechanical components
      - Lower maintenance and labor costs
      - Minimizes friction
      - Extends the life oft he machine equipment
      - Provides up to 15% energy saving (electricity, fuel)
      - Provides up to 10% performance improvement
      - Decreases heat by 2-10° C
      - Prevents of minimizes thin oil leaks

    2. Application
      BORPower® Marine Ultra was designed specifically for the maritime industry. During use, you will receive detailed information by our team.

      For shipping industry